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Amac Spy Software is the full-featured invisible Spy Software for Mac OS X users. It offers powerful Mac spy features like keystroke logging, password recording, web history tracking, IM chat monitoring and more. Users can remotely spy on Mac OS X computers by checking the logged data sent to a specified email address and FTP space. Know more about Amac Spy Software for Mac OS X now!

Features Overview of Amac Spy Software


Work in Stealth Mode
Automatillcay start as user logs in and work in stealth mode.


Log Keystrokes & Passwords
Record keystrokes, including the typed Passwords (Only Pro)


Track Website History
Track the website visit history in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome


Log Instant Messages
Logs incoming and outgoing messages in Skype, AIM, iChat, MSN and Adium.


Capture Screenshots
Captures desktop screenshots and provides you with visual records.


Track Locations by IP Address
Track the location of target Mac by IP address to get back lost Mac!


Work on All User Accounts
Monitor and record the activity on all user accounts with only one license!


Check Logs Remotely via Email/FTP
Remotely check logs with Windows PC, Mobile Phones or Tablet PC.


Comparison: Amac Spy Software Professional vs Easemon

Comparison Professional Easemon
Stealth mode
Spy on Local Mac Users
Support Network Users
Log keystrokes
Take desktop screenshots
Record web history
Log Composed Emails
Monitor Application use
Log typed Facebook messages
Application Usage Report
Zero Configuration
Log Passwords
Log Private Browsing
Local log viewer
Send logs by Email
Upload logs to FTP
View logs on web panel
Remote Update/Uninstall
Remotely log out
Remotely restart the target Mac
Remotely shut down the target Mac
Alert & capture screen by keywords
International keystroke layout
Require admin password
Compatible to OS X 10.4~10.12

How Does Amac Spy Software Work?

Amac Spy Software works as an invisible keylogger along with the spy features including recording keystrokes, passwords, websites, instant messages, desktop activities on your Mac. All the logs will be sent to you automatically by email or FTP so that you can check the reports in remote locations via computer, mobile phones, and tablets.

After install, the spy software on your Mac will run automatically without any hint. Amac Spy Software for Mac will hide on your Mac and offer password protection, making sure others cannot enter your keylogger software easily.

Amac Spy Software Features Review

Invisible Spy Software for Mac

Amac Spy Software for Mac OS X runs invisibly to make sure that nobody finds it!

Most people will escape from being monitored when they find some spy software is installed on the computer. So an invisible spy software for Mac is necessary. With the help of Amac Spy Software for Mac, you can secretly supervise the computer user and help them use the Internet properly

How does invisible monitoring work?

  • Autorun as the Mac starts up.
  • Bypass most anti-virus on the Mac.
  • Remotely check logs via email/FTP.
  • Customizable hotkey. Others cannot easily find it.
  • Password protection. Prevent unauthorized access and change.

Record Keystrokes and Passwords

Amac Spy Software offers keystroke and Passwords logging feature in websites or applications.

Keyboard input can be considered as the most frequent activities for computer users. Amac Spy Software will log every keystroke, including passwords typed in websites or applications. Even when the keystrokes entered are hidden or showing as asterisks (***).

What does keystroke logging do?

  • Amac Spy Software records all the keystrokes typed.
  • It records the hidden keystrokes (passwords behind ***) typed.
  • Log the date and time when the keystrokes are typed
  • Tell in which application the keystrokes are typed

Track Website History

Amac Spy Software will continuously record the websites visited in Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

Websites are the most used places where people gain resources from the Internet. Amac Spy Software for Mac will continuously monitor and record the website history in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome and keep them even if the history is deleted.

What does website tracking do?

  • Track the web history in Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • List the live URLs of the visited websites so that you can directly click the URLs to check what the website is about.
  • Record the date and time about the visited websites.

Log Chat Conversations

Amac Spy Software logs sent and received messages infrequently used instant messengers.

Curious kids and slacking employees may use instant messengers to contact with people when they should not do. Amac Spy Software for Mac OS X can help you log the chats, find the crisis in time and also provides you evidence for truth.

What does chat logging do?

  • Log the name of the sender and receiver. Know who they are chatting with and how often they chat.
  • Log which applications were used, such as Skype, AIM, iChat, Adium or MSN.
  • Log the date and the time when the messages is sent or received.
  • Log all typed messages in chat services into keystroke logs, like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger and more

Take Desktop Screenshots

Amac Spy Software captures the screenshots of the Mac desktop at a preset interval, providing a visual record for Mac Spy Software users.

The screenshot capturing feature offered by Amac Spy Software for Mac OS X will help you record online activities that cannot be described in texts, such as photos taken, video chat, exchanged conversation in uncommon instant messengers and even more.

What does screen capturing do?

  • Take whole desktop screenshots at intervals
  • Compression available to save disk space
  • Customizable screenshot size and quality
  • Pause automatically with inactivity
  • View screenshots in the slide show

Log Public IP Address

Amac Spy Software for Mac OS X logs and sends the IP address information to you by email.

The IP address locating feature may be helpful when you would like to retrieve your Mac. When a user starts using your Mac, you can receive the log reports that contains the IP address and location information sent by Amac Spy Software.

What does location tracking do?

  • Track the public IP address of the target Mac
  • Send IP address information to your emails
  • Analyze the location according to the IP address

Monitor All User Accounts

With a simple click, you can apply Amac Spy Software to all the user accounts on the target Mac.

If you have multiple users to monitor, don’t worry. You can use only 1 license key but make Amac Spy Software for Mac OS X work on all the user accounts on the target Mac. You can view all the logs on the main account.

What does multiple-user monitoring do?

  • Sync all the settings to other user accounts with one step.
  • Monitor all user accounts on a Mac with only 1 license key.
  • Automatically start to monitor the user when he/she logs in.
  • Check the logs of others on the main account.
  • Silently send all the logs to preset email box/FTP space.

Check Logs Remotely

Amac Spy Software allows you to receive logs via Email or FTP so that you can view the logs remotely.

Amac Spy Software for Mac OS X supports remote log viewing if you cannot always access the target computer. Receive logs via Email/FTP will also reduce the chance of being discovered since you are on other computers, mobiles or tablets.

What does log remote checking do?

  • Receive and view all the logs through Email box.
  • Check periodical logs with a preset FTP account.
  • View logs with Windows PC, tablet PC, or mobile phones.
  • View logs anywhere/anytime with Internet-connected devices.

Why Use Amac Spy Software?

Keep Kids Safe Online

Kids may lose themselves in the cyberspace if there is no monitor or guide from adults. Amac Spy Software will perform well on home Mac and monitor your children’s online activities, and as a parent, you can know exactly what they do so as to help them use the Internet better.

Monitor Employees

Some employees may fail to resist the temptation of the internet and start to do something irrelated to work during office time. What’s worse, they may be leaking or selling company secrets. Amac Spy Software for Mac OS X acts as an invisible spy-eye on the Mac and record every movement.

Supervise students

The computer and Internet resources in schools should not be abused, however, a great many students are unaware of it. Amac Spy Software will log all the things your students do on the computer class, so you can see their behavior online and give them a relative mark.

Amac spy software for Mac OS X logs the activities on the target Mac computer from all aspects by providing overall monitoring functions. It can be used for parental control and employee monitoring. Click on the button below to sign up for a trial version of Amac spy software and experience its features now!

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