Why Can’t I Receive Emails From Aobo Mac Keylogger

To those Aobo Mac Spy Software users who are having problems of getting logs from Aobo Mac keylogger, they will have a detailed solution in this guide.

Usually, the reasons of the keylogger stopping sending emails are complicated since the condition of the target Mac device is varied. The following guides are provided for you to solve your own Keylogger Email problem quickly and easily.

  1. Check if you set the Keylogger Email correctly according to our suggestion, otherwise, the keylogger may not send any log.
  2. Go to the General tab of the keylogger, check the “Run keylogger every time your Mac starts” . This makes the keylogger keep working after device rebooting.
  3. Mac device going to sleep mode is another reason of keylogger stopping working. The keylogger is not able to send email when Mac in sleep mode. Follow the steps at http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2412 to turn off the sleep mode on your Mac device.
  4. Check the Internet connection on the Mac. The keylogger will not send emails when there is no Internet connection or Internet connection is poor on your Mac device.
  5.  Do not send an oversized log in email attachment since some email servers do not support large-size attachment. In this case, shorten the screenshots interval in 20 minutes to get a small email logs attachment.
  6. Try to apply stable email service such as Gmail. They work better on email sending.
  7. Input a correct email password. Please do not forget to reconfigure the email password on your Mac spy software once you change your email password from the web page.

Check 1- 7 points one by one by following our guide above, click Send Test to check when you finish, then you can go to your email to check if you get the testing email from Aobo Mac Keylogger. Please feel free to contact us if you still have any problem of using the Aobo Mac Keylogger http://www.keylogger-mac.com/support

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