What’s New in EaseMon 5.30

Spytech EaseMon 5.3
Powerful Centralized Network Surveillance

EaseMon 5.3 boasts many new exciting features that make network computer monitoring and surveillance an extremely easy task. Read below to check out some of EaseMon’s new key features.


  Centralized Realtime Network Monitoring

Realtime Activity Ticker

EaseMon now offers an activity ticker that updates continuously, showing each computer on your network, who is logged into each computer, and what the title of each window they are working on is.

Visual Network Overview

EaseMon’s Visual Network Overview lets you see a miniature screenshot of each computer on your network with a single click. You can click on any desktop screenshot to zoom in and view that desktop in its full size. Now you can quickly see what everyone is doing on your entire network.

  Ease of Use Enhancements

Interface Enhancements

EaseMon’s web-interface and viewer software interface have been upgraded so that they are easier to use and manage. The viewer now offers quick access to report generators, visual network overviews, computer list management, and more. The viewer can now modify settings on remote computers as well.

Enhanced Log Management

EaseMon’s new log viewers include built-in features that allow you to quickly cross-reference and link related log information together, search logs for keywords, filter specific events, and create easy to read log reports. Gone are the days of trying to sort through endless lists of log data looking for specific and related log events.

Enhanced Log Reporting

EaseMon offers an improved log report generator that allow you to easily create sleek log reports for printing and viewing. Reports include "Top 10" usage reports, complete network activity trend analysis reports, complete network overview reports, log specific reports, and log summary reports.

Remote Stealth Installation

EaseMon’s client can be remotely installed to any computer on your network in complete stealth with just a few clicks, allowing for fast and easy network-wide deployments.

  Logging and Monitoring Enhancements

Realtime Keystroke Viewing

EaseMon now allows you to view all keystrokes users type, as they type them, in realtime. All keystrokes typed are categorized under the name of the window and program they are being typed in.

Traffic Data Logging

EaseMon now logs all incoming and outgoing internet and network traffic data. This can include, but is not limited to, website activity, network activities, email and ftp service activities, network and web passwords, and even chat conversations.

File Usage Logging

EaseMon can now log all file system activity. Any file changes, modifications, or deletions are logged – along with the user that performed the changes, and when.

Improved Websites Logging

EaseMon’s website logging has been enhanced to show you exactly how long users have visited specific websites. Online search tracking has also been added to EaseMon so you can see what web searches users are performing.

Improved Chat Conversations Logging

EaseMon now logs chat conversations made on the latest versions of MSN Messenger (including 8.x and Windows Messenger), AOL (including 9.0 and Optimized), ICQ (Pro and Lite versions), AIM Triton, GoogleTalk, XFire, Skype, Excite Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger.

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