What to Expect from Your Windows XP Keylogger

improve insider threat prevention

There is a lot that goes into selecting the right Windows XP keylogger to make sure that all activity on your computers is recorded. A good Windows Keylogger is useful in managing employees and protecting children’s safety online.

The Reasons for Using Windows XP Keylogger

Employee Monitoring

But why does one need this software? Well, there are quite a few reasons for the same. For example, if you are having a problem with employee productivity and find your employees spending too long on social networking sites or watching online videos, a Windows keylogger can be of invaluable help to know just what they are up to without having to spy on them throughout the work period.

Parental Control

Similarly, the internet poses its share of risks and problems when it comes to children. It is an undeniable fact that kids are getting smarter with computers and parents need to stay a step ahead to make sure that their children are protected from any potentially harmful material. Many people also choose to use the Windows XP keylogger to keep track on kids or other family members. While this is a grey area of any key logging software, it can still be a great way to dispel doubt and suspicion without any need for confrontation and uncomfortable family situations.

Irrespective of what purpose you choose to use your spy software for, you must make sure you get the absolute best in the business. Micro Keylogger from http://www.microkeylogger.com/ is perhaps the best and safest way to spy on a computer running on the Windows XP platform.

Things to Look for When Downloading a Windows XP keylogger

When downloading any keystroke logger, the process must be easy. This holds true especially if you are not quite computer-savvy. Micro Keylogger offers several options for download each of which are easy to use. Most users opt for the trial version giving them access to a free keystroke logger for assessment. This is a good time to figure out various functions of the software and make up your mind whether you need it or not. Since the download is hardly a matter of a couple of mouse clicks and a few seconds, it is a great idea to explore before paying for the key logging software.

The next and most obvious thing to look for is the features and functions on offer. The simple Windows XP keylogger like Micro Keylogger gives you all the features and facilities you would expect from one of the very best in the business. From tracking every stroke of the key to recording browsing history, passwords and even periodic screenshots, the software has everything you could ask from a single consolidated package. Since this keylogger is virtually undetectable, it works on the covert level.

In fact, this keylogger for XP gives users the opportunity to define keywords for different categories of websites. So, for example, if you want to block any violent websites from your kids, you could enter keywords such as “killing videos, stabbing videos, shooting videos” etc. to block any website with content of violent nature.

A Windows XP keylogger also offers any kind of support and assistance you may need. With Micro Keylogger, you can gain access to top-quality customer support through the website itself. Just enter your personal details including name, email id, phone number, topic and subject and you can expect a response within 24 hours. In fact, since most of these requests are attended to well before a day, you can be on your way without quite soon. At the end of the day, the Micro Keylogger from is just the kind of keylogger for Windows XP to keep track of all activity on the platform for a plethora of purposes.

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