What is the Good Employee Monitoring Software?

A piece of good employee monitoring software for Mac and PC is necessary for a business or a company to thrive and succeed. A harmonious relationship between the workers and employers is a vital issue. For large companies, it can be sometimes hard to keep track of all the employees’ activities, therefore protocols and standard operating procedures are installed and practiced to provide a pleasant ground for work, productivity, and efficiency of all the services rendered. The good employee monitoring software such as EaseMon is just what employers need!

What Can Good Employee Monitoring Software Do?

On example is installing a good employee monitoring software program that allows employers to efficiently check and record all of their employees’ activities, rendered time and other work-related issues. In an organization, the monitoring system determines how the workload in a typical work day is divided, worked on, and if the employees are utilizing all the necessary tools wisely and productively. It also saves time for the employers to manually check each employee’s performance one by one, by utilizing an effective system that allows them to keep track of their productivity as a whole.

So if you’re an employer that is wishing to expand your business and upgrading all internal office procedures and equipment, then it’s a good idea to check out EaseMon Employee Monitor for Mac.

How Does EaseMon Employee Monitoring Software for Mac work?

First, what is EaseMon? Basically, EaseMon is a good employee monitoring software program for Mac that allows employers to observe all employee activities at one place or location. This software is only limited to office equipment and computers using Mac OS X and some of its features include:

  • Record typed keystrokes, chat logs, email content
  • Monitor conversations in instant messaging apps like Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Adium and iMessage.
  • Keep track of all the websites your employees visited, including the time and date when they accessed a particular website.
  • Monitor all applications used by the employees. In this way, employers will know which employees are maximizing the tools or apps that can help them work productively, and which employees are just wasting time utilizing non-work-related apps.
  • Regular updates and alerts whenever screenshots are captured. EaseMon captures a screenshot on a preset time interval or every time when employees trigger a predefined keyword, therefore allowing you to constantly be informed with visual evidence who among your employees are doing some activities not related to work such as playing games and chatting with non-work-related people.
  • Email notification. After you’ve set up and configured the software, EaseMon will periodically send you notifications through email whenever a specific keyword is detected so you can come up with an action appropriate for the situation at hand.
  • Centralized Co-working. This software allows you to set up several administrators and managers that can access the information of this software in order to divide up roles and teams that will manage a specific category.

These are just some of the awesome features EaseMon offers to its users. Free yourself from the stress of manually monitoring your employees, and indulge in the efficiency this software can provide. In no time, your business’ productivity will go up and liabilities will be easily eliminated with this hassle-free, intellectual and good employee monitoring software program.

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