What Is Parental Control of Internet and How to install It?

Most children today spend most of their time on their computer browsing different websites and socializing on popular social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace. You’ll see even the little ones aged below 10 spend endless hours on the web. Now to this, like many parents you might say that we are in the millennia and the millennia is all about technology breakthroughs and being tech savvy which definitely holds true, but where technology can be a blessing it can also be a devastating. If you don’t keep an eye on your child’s PC activities, he/she could be involved in questionable activities over the web like watching adult content or interacting with the wrong people that you may not be aware of until things get messy and out of control. Therefore, to protect your child from the bad and the ugly online, it is advisable to install parental control of internet on his/her PC.

If you are new to this phenomenon, then this article is a must read for you! In this we’ll be sharing with you what parental control of internet is and how you can smoothly install it on your child’s PC and enjoy free computer monitoring without your child knowing about it.

What is Parental Control of Internet?

This is cutting-edge and highly functional software, popularly known as a Keylogger. This software runs hidden in the background and secretly monitors and records each and every keystroke performed on the computer it is installed in. In addition to this, it also provides details of passwords entered, applications used, files accessed, websites visited by taking screenshots of every activity and sending you on your email or FTP automatically.

There are several types of Keyloggers available on the market. So, it is recommended to evaluate and compare different Keyloggers to find the perfect keylogger that suits your parental control of internet needs.

How to Install Keylogger Software on Your Child’s PC?

Installing keylogger on your child’s PC is actually quite easy. The installation hardly takes any time. But the only challenge you’ll have to surpass is to get to your little one’s system. The best way to mount this challenge is to install the software when he/she is at school. This way your child can never find out if you’ve installed anything on his/her system.

Once you get the access to the PC, here’s what you need to do to install parental control of internet:

  • 1. Download Keylogger from a reliable website.
  • 2. The files will be in a zip folder, open the folder to extract them on the PC.
  • 3. There are usually three files, the Keylogger installer, a guide and an uninstaller. Double click the installer file to install the perfect keylogger.
  • 4. To get started, you’ll be prompted with a License and Agreement. Read it carefully and then accept it if you agree.
  • 5. Once you agree, you’ll be asked to enter your register code. If you don’t have it and you can always opt for Continue Free Trial Option. This will direct you to Keylogger configuration settings.
  • 6. Configure settings according to your needs like insert your email address on which you would want the report to be sent, block sites that you don’t want your child to access and view. After that save the configured settings to confirm.
  • 7. Make sure you click the hide button so that the Keylogger runs hidden and secreting monitors your child’s PC.

Once the software is installed sneak out of the room and rejoice. Mission accomplished! Now monitor your child’s computer activities from a distance without barging in his/her room. Remember this is not privacy invasion, it’s called being concerned!

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