Website Blocker – Powerful Internet Parental Control

In everyday life, the Internet becomes more and more pervasive. As your families are increasingly associated with online activities, website blocker is now playing an important role in creating a safe network environment for your loved ones. It is not only because the web blocking program can work as Internet recorder, but also because it is able to function as powerful parental controls.

Being aware of what content your children often browse on the Internet seems to be especially important for you because there are pornography and other potential dangers in the network world which could bring bad effects to the young. You should take an active part in figuring out whether your kids are involved in dangerous online activities. It is easy to find that the common parental control tool is not powerful enough to keep track of visited sites. However, the computer website blocker is well-featured to record web history even through the private browsing mode is enabled. And only after knowing what websites your kids are browsing, can you put content filter into use to protect your family away from inappropriate online behaviors.

To be an effective and trusted Internet blocker, Aobo web filter does a good job in recording visited websites as well as blocking improper content including games and any other applications. You don’t need to be technical on computers with the easy-to-use settings of the website blocker that make it possible for you to block websites by URL/keywords. What could be more convenient for you is that the site blocker runs in completely hidden mode every time the computer starts. In this situation, you don’t need to worry about that you may offend the kids by infringing up their privacy. Let alone lead to misunderstandings between you and your children. Considering the features of recording and blocking, these are far more than what a common parental control can do for you.

With proper monitoring and filtering functions, you are allowed to make the Internet a safe place for your family. And the website blocker is professional and ready to help you take care of your children’s online activities. It is difficult or impossible for your kids to get around the website filter because it works in stealth mode.

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