Website Blocker Freeware – Choosing Your Family Friend in Need

There are many reasons why anyone would go online to look for website blocker freeware. We all have experienced the annoyances of having to close those ads that pop up whenever we visit a site. We have all clicked on a link and found ourselves embarrassed by the contents of a website we never intended to visit. Then there are those of us that have little ones in the house and don’t want them to land on those pages at all.

Whatever the reason, we all agree on the fact that we need to voluntarily censor the sites that we visit or those that we allow our children to visit. That is the basic principle behind any website blocker freeware – block the unwanted.

A quick search online will show that there are hundreds of freeware website blockers. While they may all seem the same, we might be surprised at the extra offers that come with some of them. This, therefore, makes it important for us to know what we are getting before we make our final decision and download and install one.

So, without further ado, below are some of the best extra features from some of the best freeware website blockers on the net:

Different Configurations: Although a freeware website blocker is supposed to keep surfers from going into unwanted sites it doesn’t mean that all people using the computer or laptop should be blocked from all the same sites.
Sites that are not fit for the kids could be accessible for the adults in the house. If every member of the family has a separate login then the freeware website blocker should be able to allow accesses privileges depending on them.

Filtering Prowess: As has been agreed, the main functions of the freeware we will be choosing to install on our computers are going to have to filter unwanted site content. Before settling on a particular choice, two points must be taken into consideration:

  • A: The freeware website blocker should be able to block any and all of the content that falls within the categories that are selected to be blocked. There shouldn’t be any slipups.
  • B: On the other hand, any website blocker freeware that is overzealous and blocks sites that are not in the filter list is also inefficient. For example, it should be smart enough to figure out whether a site talks about the biological aspect of the human body or if it is of a purely sexual orientation.

Ease of Use: Most people, when asked about any type of software, will say that they prefer one or another because of the ease of use. As software design has become more complicated the users have found them much easier to interact with.
This fact also holds true for any freeware website blockers out there. Despite the fact they are free, people will still have preferences and choices by the way they can easily install, configure and use the software.

Blocking of Hack Tools: The kids of today are quite smart. In fact, they are so smart they would put most parents to shame. One way of proving this can be by the ways that they are able to outmaneuver all the obstacles that their parents put in their way – or will keep on trying until they do so.
Therefore, a good website blocker freeware should be able to block applications that are made to circumvent it. It should be able to identify these types of software at the time of installation or, at the very least, be able to inform the parents about them being installed on the computer.

Reporting: A final thing to look into is the way the free website blockers report the activities that have been happening. They should be able to give detailed reports on what sites were accessed and which ones were blocked. This will give the parents a better image on what their child has been doing online.

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