Block Web Content on PC by Using Web Filtering Tool

Web filtering tool has become more and more essential and important for people who often surf the Internet. It is out of question that the Internet brings us incredible benefits, for example, it makes us more convenient to communicate with others, know more about the outside world and so on. However, with its revolutionary benefits, the certain downsides of the Internet also come into being. One downside of the Internet is that there can be explicit web content on some web pages, which has a great negative effect on kids or employees. It seems frustrating and even impossible to make a relatively safe and clean Internet experience for everyone, because the Internet is largely unregulated for the most part. However, there are ways for us to create a healthy Internet for our kids at home and for our employees during working time – that is to install a good and practical web filtering tool for your PC.

Aobo Porn Filter is the best web filtering tool for PC which allows people to block the web content which is inappropriate for them to view on the Internet. It gives you the right to block specific sites, content which is not appropriate or of course has sexual explicit material on the Internet. You can choose to filter any certain web content by adding some keywords or URLs to the black list of the web filter tool for PC. For example, if you want to block a certain website, you can copy and paste the URL of the website and add it to your black list of the filter, it will help you block the website you want automatically. But if you want to block all websites which include the sexual explicit content, you might as well add some keywords related to the sexual information such as "sex, sexual" and more to the blacklist, and it also can block all that kind of websites. It works silently and invisibly, the people who are using the computer can not find that the websites are blocked by software, which is safe and better for you.

Apart from filtering the certain websites, the web filtering tool also blocks any applications from running on your computer. If your kids are addicted to playing games on the Internet, you can add the application to the black list of your web blocking software, it blocks the application from running on your PC secretly and automatically when it starts working on your computer.

Besides, the web filtering software records all websites visited on your computer, so whether parents or managers can check what websites your kids or employees visited on the computer. And if you find some websites do harm to them, you can add them to your filter software right now to block them in time.

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