Web Filter – Your Kid’s Internet Guard

Protecting your kids from the Internet dangers with web filter is a hot issue among parents. Web filter is widely used by parents as their kid’s Internet guard to fully guarantee children’s network security. What is a web filter or web blocker? Web filter is a kind of parental control software which blocks any websites you unwanted and records websites visited. The web filter protects children by its advanced filtering technology. First, the web filter blocks adult contents like porn websites so that your kids will not be affected. Web filter blocks adult contents by keywords. After your customizations, web Filter checks and filters porn words in the website contents including the title, keywords, tags and body. So parents can totally rely on web filter to block the porn websites for their kids. Besides, the web filter blocks violent games so that your kids will not be prone to extreme violence. Web filter block games from running under certain circumstances. A research pointed out that violent game can lead to aggressive thoughts, even if it not lead to violence itself. So parents should apply web filter to block the violent games in order to protect kids from Internet violence. Last but not least, the web filter blocks social networks like Facebook so that your kids will be protected in your love. The web blocker helps parents to filter websites they unwished. For example, if you don’t want your kid to get access to Facebook, you can use web filter to block this site. And without password, your kids have no means to unblock the blocked sites. In other words, the web blocker facilitates you to protect your kids on the Internet world. In brief, using web filter as your kid’s Internet guard is the best way to protect your kids in the Internet world. The web filter is stable and undetectable and it also records websites visited by your kids so that you can prevent some potential dangers. With the aid of web filter, you can offer your kids with comprehensive protection.

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