Web Filter And Safety Mode: Giving Parents More Control On YouTube

Diversity of content on YouTube is one of the great things to parents since children are chasing YouTube episodes. Even if your kids are only searching safe or educational videos, people are able to create their own renditions of shows and make them “adult only” variations. Most of them can be questionable even down right inappropriate to children. So monitoring and parental control on Internet surfing is a tough task. Due to the circumstance, YouTube has taken great steps to make their video sharing more family friendly with Safety Mode which helps to do the heavy-lifting for content filtering for parents.Here are the simply steps to turn on Safety Mode on YouTube:
  • 1. Open YouTube website
  • 2. Scroll to bottom of the homepage& click “Safety Mode is off”
  • 3. Select the option of “ON” and then save the setting with Safety Mode turned on, kids will not able to view potentially objectionable video material
While Safety Mode is not 100% perfect and powerful for Internet safety, web filter is another tool to give parents greater control over the content the kids will see.

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