Watch Employees with Web Control Software

Do you want to know what website your employees often visit? Or are you sure your employees are not abusing the Internet during their working time? How do you know where they go online? Or how can you control all their behavior online in the office? If you have the same problems mentioned above, you might as well try the web control software. It must be the best choice for the managers who want to keep track of what your employees are doing on the Internet during work time.

There is no doubt that the Internet brings a lot of benefits to our lives. With the popularization of the computer in the office affairs, the Internet is also widely used in the office. However, it has also become more and more difficult for managers to control their employees’ behavior on the Internet, so installing the web control software is very essential for the managers who want to improve your employees’ work efficiency.

The web control software works secretly on all PCs to help managers monitor and record all websites that your employees visit on their computers. This Internet control software keeps track of all websites clearly, for example, it can keep a list of the URLs of all visited websites so that you can know quickly what they often visit on the Internet. And it works all in hidden mode, so your employees can hardly find out you are monitoring them during work time.

The most powerful feature of the web control software is that it can block any unwanted websites from being visited on the Internet. Managers can benefit a lot from this powerful blocking feature because it is easy for you to block any certain websites by adding keywords or URLs to the blacklist of the network control software. Once the keywords or URLs are added to the blacklist of the web filter software, it will help you block the websites automatically and invisibly without letting your employees notice. Because it often shows it is because of server errors instead of blocking reasons.

Aobo Porn Filter is the best web control software on the market which is widely used by many people to monitor and control the web usage on their computers. It logs all visited websites in stealth mode, and blocks porn websites automatically, and it also filters any websites by keywords or URLs. What’s more, it blocks all applications from running on the computers as well by keywords. Fortunately, it provides the Free Trial for all PC users, so you can download it to have a try!

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