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Internet makes work easier for employees, while Internet abuse in company greatly decreases productivity. For the sake of improving productivity, employers use web blocker as a way of making certain that their businesses are running functionally. Without restricted access to the World Wide Web, many employees are tempted to bend themselves to websites that are not job related. By installing web blocker, employers can stop activity that reduces productivity and wastes Internet resource.

Many employers puzzle over the problem that their workers spend countless working hours on checking out emails, playing games, chatting and visiting their favorite video streaming sites and so on. Now, web blocker enables employers to easily handle with this issue.

Web blocker filters unwanted sites

Instead of finishing a work effectively, employees are prone to check out emails, chat with their friends on the MSN, login to Facebook and shop online during the work time. These inappropriate behaviors are obviously not good for company’s benefit and will result in productivity reduction. To solve this problem, the boss can apply web blocker to block any work unrelated sites, and thus the employees will stop these mentioned behaviors and spend their working hours doing appropriate things. As a consequence, the workers’ productivity will be increased.

Web blocker filters many games and applications

Some workers are addicted to playing games, and some may download large files and applications. These actions will consume vast amounts of bandwidth and make the speed of Internet system to slow down. These activities definitely waste the company’ resource. What’s more, these activities may put the company’s network in risk, such as being infected by virus. In order to stop these behaviors, employers can depend on web blocker to filter certain games and applications from running. With the help of web filter, employers can prevent the company’s Internet resource from misusing.

Web blocker records visited websites

Do you meet with some dishonest employees who never admit their faults unless there is hard evidence of them? Now, with web blocker, it’s not difficult for employers to prove because Internet filter logs every visited site, and the logs can be saved as evidence. In addition, the boss can dismiss incompetent workers with a reasonable reason.

It is a necessity to improve company’s productivity by equipping the computer network with web blocker. With such an Internet security program, employers can also prevent Internet resource from abusing. What else, the web filter facilitates employers to stop their misbehaving employees from denying the improper activities. In addition, employers should claim to the employees why the company adopts to the web blocker in order to have a tuneful relationship with the workers.

Need to monitor your employees do and enhance the productivity?

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