Use Aobo Mac Keylogger on a Different User Account

Aobo Mac Keylogger can be used to monitor Mac users’ keystrokes, websites and desktop screenshots on Mac. Its spy function on a Mac computer is not limited to one user account, but multi-user accounts. The following steps will tell you how to monitor another user’s activity on Mac.


  1. Login to the user account you want to monitor.
  2. Download the keylogger and copy the keylogger "app" file to a secret folder such as "~/Library/Preferences".
  3. Double click the keylogger "app" file to run Aobo Mac Keylogger on the user account.
  4. Use hotkey to call out the Aobo Mac Keylogger interface and install it.


  1. These steps are only for Aobo Mac Keylogger 3.4 and before. As for the versions 3.8 and later which have built-in options for multiple user accounts, so there is no need to follow the steps above.
  2. These steps are not necessary for Professional edition users who just want to record all the users’ keystrokes only. If you are one of them, you can configure the keylogger on a main Administrator account and it will log all the users’ keystrokes. Apart from the keystrokes, you also want to record websites history and desktop screenshots, you’d better apply the keylogger to all user accounts, according to the steps above.
  3. When you finish setting up, please check "Run keylogger every time your Mac starts".

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