The Benefits of a Free Web Site Blocker

The World Wide Web will give you access to just about anything, but that doesn’t mean that all websites should be accessed by everyone. Some websites have content that is inappropriate for kids at home or content that is damaging and harmful for your system. If you wish to keep a security check, block games or pornographic websites from prying eyes, free web filter software like Aobo Porn Filter will do you a favor.

Aobo Porn Filter is a free web site blocker that lets you block pornographic websites, games, applications while enabling you to track and record filtering history. It is an open source web filter that enables you to work with all user accounts in your system, effectively track web history, work easily in an undetectable mode, and block all unwanted porn sites and games from running. One of its main strengths is that it is incredibly easy to use and runs undetected. Through this free web site blocker you also get the upper hand as everything is in your control and password protected.

In addition, this free web filter software works smoothly with popular browsers like IE, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Once integrated, it blocks all pornographic websites automatically. So, any machine with this open source web filter installed won’t be able to access such harmful sites regardless of how their users try. Besides, Aobo Porn Filter allows you to track web history in private browsing mode and helps you detect the blocked websites and the triggered keywords.

If you’re wondering what an open source web filter can do for you, read on to discover the benefits that usually come to the users of free web site blocker software like Aobo Porn Filter.

Blocking off Unwanted Websites

Most websites today aren’t for everyone. Some websites have content that is abusive, explicit, hurtful or unwanted. Websites that offer gambling or porn often invite people to voice their dislikes about sexual orientation, race, genders, cultures or the like. Some sites even put up X-rated pictures or videos that invite unwanted bugs into your system. Blocking these websites at your home with the help of an open source web filter not only protects your child, but also keeps your system safe from unwanted and unpleasant bugs and viruses.

On the other hand, if you’re using the free web filter software at work, you will be able to ensure that your employers are more focused on their work rather than website that can affect your network as well as your company’s image. After all, someone is bound to track down your employee due to their racial slurs or X-rated activities and talk to others about the kind of employees you keep.

Limiting Access to Fun Sites

Most fun sites offer games that are interactive yet addictive and time consuming. Although these sites are fun, they reduce your child’s productivity, real time interaction, grades, enthusiasm, physical activities and also cause additional stress and unnecessary worrying about some game’s statistics or scores. Some of these are also applicable to employees in a working environment. Therefore, blocking these sites with the help of free web filter software will definitely benefit your children and your organization.

Avoiding Unsafe Websites

Never judge a book by its cover. Some websites look alright and seem harmless, but once you log on or start browsing, you’ll be faced with technical troubles. You might even get viruses, unwanted scripts, or tracking devices inserted into your systems. Therefore, as the owner of a company, it is important that you avoid such sites with a free web site blocker to ensure the safety of your data and network. Homeowners may also need this software for this purpose if they store valuable data on their home computers and would rather it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

So, if you’re interested in availing these benefits, don’t think twice before downloading Aobo Porn Filter.

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