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iKeyMonitor iPad/iPhone Spy

iPhone/iPad Keylogger - iPhone Spy Software

Best iPad/iPhone Spy Solution

iKeyMonitor, spy software for iPhone/iPad, is designed for iOS devices. It is also the only iOS mobile spy app that logs keystrokes and passwords, delivers logs via Email for remote review, and block apps/sites.

  • Stealth and undetectable Monitoring
  • Log Keystrokes and Passwords
  • Block inappropriate apps and websites
  • Log SMS and WhatsApp messages
  • Track web visit history in Safari
  • Take screenshots at preset interval
  • Hide Cydia icon, password protected
  • Logs secretly sent to you via Email/FTP
  • Change the monitoring status remotely

Support: iPhone/iPad running iOS 7 and above

Android Spy Software – Cell Phone Spy

Mobile Spy Software - Cell Phone Spy Software

Most Powerful Android Spy App

As the best spy app that logs real-time phones activities, Mobile Spy Software helps you figure out the truth about your children, employees or anybody else.

  • Log text messages & WhatsApp chats
  • Record calls and surrounding audios
  • Track all websites and URLs visited
  • Monitor photos and videos taken
  • Track GPS location of target phones
  • Monitor Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • Log email activities & installed apps
  • Log installed apps & block remotely
  • View logs & control phone remotely

Support: Android 2.3 and above

Easemon for Mac and Windows PC

Easemon for Mac and Windows PC

Best Employee Monitoring Software for Mac OS X and Windows

Easemon employee monitoring software for Mac OS X and Windows is especially designed for employers. It enables employers to remotely monitor employees’ activity on Mac and Windows PC, such as typed keystrokes, chat logs, composed emails, web history, app usage and more.

  • Log Keystrokes and passwords
  • Record text messages typed in chat clients
  • Monitor websites visited
  • Monitor application usage
  • Alert with screenshots captured
  • Send out notification emails periodically
  • View and export monitoring logs online
  • Allow multiple managers and roles to manage teams
  • Work in invisible and undetectable mode

Support: Mac OS 10.7+ | Windows 7/10

MyChildMonitor for iPhone/iPad/Android

MyChildMonitor for iPhone/iPad/Android

Best Parental Control App for iPhone/ iPad/ Android Phone/Tablet

MyChildMonitor is featured as the best Parental Control App which allows parents to not only monitor their children’s online activities remotely, but also control the screen time and limit the usage of iPhone, iPad and Android Phones/Tablets.

  • Set time limit and schedule for app usage
  • Block inappropriate apps and games
  • View SMS and iMessages sent and received
  • Block inappropriate websites like gambling, porn
  • Record websites visited
  • Keep track of call history
  • Monitor social network activity
  • Track GPS locations
  • Periodically capture screenshots by keyword

Support: iPhone/iPad/Android phone/tablet

Spyware VS. Spy Software – What is the Difference?

By now, you have probably read news articles about spyware and how its plaguing internet users. Many times spy software is confused with being the same thing as "spyware", which could not be farther from the truth. We would like to clear up this confusion between the two terms.