Software or Hardware Keylogger for Mac Spy?

Applying a Mac spy program is one of the most common ways to key log a Mac. Apart from logging keystrokes, recording websites, some Mac spy software will also do screen capturing every several minutes.

The difficult parts about running Mac spy software are:

  • Users’ access control of Mac
  • Obtaining reports

The first one is doable if you are the admin of the target Mac. Some spy software for Mac even do not require admin password or admin privilege for installation or running.

For obtaining reports, generally this involves returning to the computer and then pressing an odd key combination or something and you’re presented with a simple login window. After the password, you’re granted the control panel for settings and reports.

Some Mac spy software will allow you a one-time setup of reporting paths. For example, reports might be sent online every xx minutes/hours to an online destination of your choice via email or FTP. This way, you don’t have to return to the computer and you can read the reports from your office or elsewhere.

Another option is hardware keyloggers.

These are tiny devices that look like simple adapter plugs that go between the keyboard and the computer. They don’t typically capture screenshots or do fancy online reporting, but they are undetectable and they don’t have problems with user access control. The downside is that they are visible and easily unplugged if they are found.

Getting the info off the keylogger device involves returning to the computer at some point and take back the hardware spy keylogger. Or the hardware keylogger requires a key combination to bring up the login and you can get to the data.

For Mac, installing Mac spy software programs is a better way for key logging. They are much more powerful than hardware keyloggers and have less chances to blow their cover.

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