Simple Methods To Block Websites On Kid’s Computer

Maybe you’ve caught your children using certain sites to watch porn, gambling or do something illegal. You don’t have to turn off the Internet, just block the websites that they can’t go to visit them any more. Here, we will show you two simple but effective ways to do this. 1.Editing the etc/hosts system file The HOSTS file is located in different places depending on your Windows version. For XP/VISTA/7 HOSTS file *  Open my computer, and browse the C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc In the etc folder      look for the file HOSTS. *  Open this file hosts with notepad. *  Go to the bottom of the file and create. You can block websites by following the format: *  Save the file and then the websites you added are blocked now. It’s easy to block certain websites by using editing hosts file way. If you want to block many websites even keywords, professional porn filter is recommended. 2.Using Porn Filter *  Download a professional Aobo Porn Filter. *  Install the software to the computer. *  Setting up the blacklist and a “white” list provided by Aobo porn filter. Besides the nasty,     porn-related words prefilled in the blacklist, you can also customize it to include anything     that you want to block. The “white” list is reserved for safe words and Web sites. *  Save the settings and run the software. The software works in stealth mode that your kids will have no idea that they’re being blocked. Learn more information please go to Aobo website blocker user guide.

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