Should you spy on your employees?

The question whether or not you should spy on your employees seems to be never-ending. While it sounds like a breach of privacy and any mention of spying by an employer elicits mixed reactions, there are enough reasons for surveillance. Most people may also argue that spying on employees shows some lack of trust. However, the incorporation of social media in the Internet space has further complicated matters. Most employees are unable or unwilling to draw a line between company time and personal time while at the work place. As a result, there are an increasing number of employees spending a bulk of their working time on activities that are not work-related. Then here comes the debate: should you spy on your employees?

Every employer wants to give their employees a leeway to perform their duties without much interference. Whether the employees are willing and able to work under minimal or no supervision on the other hand is altogether a different issue. The rise in the use of computers coupled with the computerised social interactions has uniquely challenged the current surveillance systems. While initially, a camera would have served the need, times have changed. It is no longer uncommon to find employees faithfully seated in their cubicles, busy on their computer but carrying out activities that are personal and not work-related.

Reasons that You Should Spy on Your Employees

Spying on your employees has therefore become necessary since it brings about many benefits to the company from several aspects.

Identify Misuse of Company Resources

When you spy on the employees, you are able to identify any wrongful use of the company resources and deal with it accordingly. This prevents further damages that could cost the company dearly.

Realize the Company Goals

One of the major drawbacks of improper use of computers and Internet is the reduction on the levels of productivity. As employees engage in social media pages, personal emails and games, their work takes a back seat leading to a significant reduction in their productivity levels. As a result the company may suffer as they continue to invest in the employees who are not meeting their end of the bargain.

Minimise Security Threats

When misused, the Internet can be a source of company failure. It is easy to share information through the Internet as well as gain access to a system illegally. Spying gives you an upper hand in knowing what information is being shared through your system. You are then able to handle the situation before it gets out of control and also deals with the employees accordingly.

Spy on Your Employees with EaseMon

EaseMon employee monitoring system is one of the best applications that help you to monitor employee activities and increase employee productivity. You are able to view different events and receive reports periodically. Whether you want to monitor discreetly or otherwise, this system allows you to monitor your employees and get information that will no doubt save the company resources. The fact that you can view the different reports remotely and uninstall or update the software remotely also makes it stand out among the rest.

Back to the question, should you spy on your employees? Definitely yes! Keeping an eye on your employees’ activities is really beneficial to both employees and employers. The most profesiional employee monitoring system, EaseMon, can be taken into consideration when you decide to spy on your staff.

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