See What Employees Do Online and Check Employees Internet Usage at Workplace

Today administrators and employers check employees Internet usage at workplace more than ever. Even if your company permits employees to use Internet and provides them with computers, it is important to know how to see what your employees are doing online and what they’re saying in private IM messages and Emails. This is because employees are the sole of a company, and hence they are exposed to several company secrets, and any kind of compromise could lead to monetary loss, civil lawsuits and damage to company reputation. In other words, checking employees Internet usage means securing company information and detecting insider threats.

Benefits of Checking Employees Internet Usage

Professional and secure monitoring software such as EaseMon enables you to check staff Internet usage and monitor what employees are doing online, and thus provides several business benefits. Listed below are 5 of the most significant ones.

Internet Usage

One of the biggest costs to any company is bandwidth, and in most cases checking employees’ Internet usage is significantly high. With Internet monitoring software such as EaseMon, you can not only view what your employees are doing online, but also track their Internet usage to cut costs. Accessing social media sites such as Facebook uses a large amount of bandwidth due to media streamed there such as photos, music and videos. Rather than eliminating employee social media access completely, you can allocate a few hours by indicating this in your policy. Then use software such as EaseMon to track staff time spent on social media channels.

Time Management in the Workplace

Which employers don’t want to make best use of their time and their employees’ time as well? Productive employees lead to a productive company. Naturally, monitoring employees Internet usage helps you keep them in check by helping them stay focused on their work rather than being distracted with other non-work related activities. Distractions include playing games, listening to music and IM messaging. With regards to chatting, one of the notable features of EaseMon is that you can even monitor employee IM chats to control staff Internet usage.

Emails and Messaging

Each time an Email or IM message is sent, the server involved receives its store log files. These log files contain information such as data about the receiver, sender, subject line, time of delivery and receipt among others. With EaseMon employee monitoring software, you can identify Emails with large attachments and then check if these were work related. By monitoring staff Internet Email usage, you also prevent the transmission of confidential information.

Protect Your Company’s Reputation

When an employee is involved in any illegal activity online, your company’s reputation is at stake. One of first things that authorities will question is your staff Internet usage policy, and if the illegal activity in question is related to the websites accessed. Types of unauthorized employee online activity may include downloading and uploading illegal files or even posting an objectionable status update.

Avoid Legal Liabilities

The biggest risk for any company is illegal activities online or offline. To maintain legal compliance, employers must know how to see what employees are doing online and check employees Internet usage during office hours. To avoid any legal issues, monitor your staff Internet usage.

Reap Savings

When each and every employee in your organization is working productively, you save a ton of money. Productive employees mean less money being wasted on unauthorized websites, and to boost productivity, simply monitor your employees’ Internet use to help them achieve their targets and meet their deadlines. Adding to this, by checking what employees are doing online, you also save a considerable amount of money on legal and litigation cases resulting in long term savings.

There are several other reasons for you to check employees’ Internet usage at working time to see what your workers are doing online, but the ones listed above should definitely get you to think about installing employee monitoring software.

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