Save 20% Off At Aobo This Christmas

Aobo web filter 2010 Christmas promotion is now launched!!! Can’t believe that Christmas is just around the corner again! Are you pondering purchasing laptop as holiday gift to your kids? Do you worried about their Internet safety? Do you concerned about they may addict to the net games? If so, Aobo web filter would be the best choice. Depend on Aobo web filter to protect your family online.

What you can do with Aobo Web Filter?

Protect your kids from pornography, drugs, gambling and any risky web sites The Internet opened up all the resources, news, entertainment, technology and pornography, drugs, gambling to your innocent, curious children. As parents, it’s vital to lead them to the right way on using the Internet. By blocking the risky keywords in URLs and web site contents, Aobo web filter provides a solution for parents in the Internet control to protect their kids.Stop your children from wasting time on net games In the holiday, children will get more time playing net games. However, sitting a long time before the computer is bad for their health. With Aobo Web filter, it’s possible for you to block time wasting net games. Let your kids walk out of the virtual word and return to the holiday full of love and joy. Help your beloved out of Net-addiction Maybe someone in your family is addict to porn, online shopping. Especially, porn addiction is a real phenomena among teens and adults. They get out control themselves and become addictive. Husband’s porn habit becomes a obsession beyond discipline that burns up a marriage; The girl you love is addict to shopping online at E bay or cyber stores, who is both moneyed and psychological exhausting . By blocking the keywords in URLs and contents of the addictive web sites, Aobo Web Filter could be a good assistant to help them pull through.With your trust and support, we are now launching the special Christmas offers. From now until December 24th, you could save 20% off regular price by ordering Aobo web filter online. That means you only need pay $39.96 for Aobo Web Filter personal license.Order Aobo Web Filter now!

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