What is a Remote Keylogger for Mac

At present, Remote Keyloggers for Mac cannot be remotely installed, but they have the feature of remote log viewing. Remote Keylogger Mac delivers the logs and screenshots at set intervals to specified Email address or FTP account set by the user who configured the Remote Keylogger Mac.

Remote Keylogger Mac is an invisible application running on your Mac with the purpose of recording typed keystrokes. Some advanced Remote Keyloggers Mac log more than others do. For example, Aobo Remote Keylogger Mac records websites visited in Safari, Firefox and Chrome. Both-side chat conversations from Skype, AIM, iChat, MSN and Adium, desktop screenshots and IP addresses of monitored Mac can also be tracked by Aobo Remote Keylogger Mac.

No matter how far the targeted Mac is, the person who installed and configured Remote Spy Software for Mac can check logs of keystrokes, websites, chats, screenshots and IP address information remotely with an Internet-connected device, for example, iPhone, iPad, Apple Mac and Windows PC by receiving Emails or connecting to preset FTP space.

Aobo Remote Spy Software for Mac

Aobo Remote Keylogger for Mac can be very useful for parents and employers. Aobo Remote Keylogger Mac helps you monitor your kids’ Mac computer use when your kids are at boarding school. But, you can not monitor your spouse to discover the truth at home when your spouse is on a long-time and far-away trip. The Remote Spy Software on your Mac starts working in stealth mode as your kids logins. No signs, no pop up. With Remote Spy Software for Mac, you can easily and remotely monitor the person who uses your Mac.

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