Real Time Network Surveillance

  • Real Time Activity Ticker – View an auto-refreshing list of all the computers on your network detailing who is logged in to each computer at that moment, and view what window they have open and are using at that time.
  • Visual Network Overview – Launch a visual network overview that shows you thumbnail screenshots representing each employee on your network at that moment. Each thumbnail links to a full size image of the remote computer’s desktop.
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About EaseMon Employee Monitoring Software


EaseMon Employee Monitoring Software
  • Centralized Network Monitoring
  • Powerful Activity Logging
  • Internet Based Monitoring
  • Remote Administration
  • Built-In Security Settings
  • Customizable Content Filtering
  • Easy Graphical User Interface
  • Windows Vista Compatible
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  • EaseMon Employee Network Monitoring Software is the award winning network monitoring and supervision solution that your network needs! EaseMon gives you the power to log all keystrokes, websites visited, windows viewed, applications ran, internet connections made, passwords entered, chat conversations that were made, and even capture screenshots of the user’s activities!

    EaseMon Worker Monitoring Software allows you to centrally monitor and control machines on your network from one location. Remote real time administration, monitoring, and tracking of staff members on a network has never been easier!

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