Quick Start

Micro Keylogger is a powerful tool, yet extremely easy to use and configure. Setting up Micro Keylogger will only take you a few minutes and then you will be ready to start monitoring! This quick guide will walk you through getting Micro Keylogger ready.

Start Keylogger

The first time when you launch Micro Keylogger after installation you will be prompted to enter your Micro Keylogger registration code or continue free trial. Default login password is 123456, you can change it at any time from the "Security" tab in Micro Keylogger configuration interface. The default Hotkey is Shift+Alt+M which can be changed at any time from the Settings window – “Security” tab. Forget your password? Don’t worry, Micro Keylogger will help you to find it by "Sending password on email".

Micro Keylogger password

After you entered the correct password, Micro Keylogger configuration interface will come up immediately.

Micro Keylogger loading

Micro Keylogger’s main window is presented as below:

Micro Keylogger 123

Micro Keylogger is powered by an intuitive graphical user interface which combines all the features and components.

The configuration interface contains three components area.

  • The main setting tabs are at the left-hand column: "Monitoring" tab, "Screenshot" tab, "Filter" tab, "Email" tab, "FTP" tab, and "Security" tab.
  • Remember to click "Apply" button after you changed the settings.
  • Click "Hide" button, Micro Keylogger will hide and working in the background.
  • From "About Micro Keylogger" link at the bottom, you can check the Micro Keylogger version you are using and the copyright information.

Stop Keylogger

If you want to stop monitoring, simply click the button "Stop" at the "Monitoring" tab.

stop Micro Keylogger

Hide Keylogger

Click "Hide" button at the bottom to hide the keylogger to the background.

Show Keylogger

If you want to make the program visible again after you close or hide it,
Use your hotkey (Default: Shift+Alt+M) to bring it up or click Micro Keylogger Installer to bring it up.

Micro Keylogger icon

The default Hotkey is Shift+Alt+M can be changed at any time from the Settings window – "Security" tab.


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