Keep Your Family Safe with Website Block Software - website blocker

Suppose your children usually surf the Internet till midnight, imagine they are keeping in close contact with their so called "online friends". What you can do to rest assured that your kids are safe with the Internet? On this occasion, you may bring parental control software to mind and feel unsure about what kind of […]

Website Blocker – Powerful Internet Parental Control - website blocker

In everyday life, the Internet becomes more and more pervasive. As your families are increasingly associated with online activities, website blocker is now playing an important role in creating a safe network environment for your loved ones. It is not only because the web blocking program can work as Internet recorder, but also because it […]

The only Porn Filter that can disable web proxy - website blocker

Aobo Porn Blocker 2.0 Released Oct 20, 2008 – Aobo Software, the global award-winning provider of spy and access control software , announced the release of Aobo Porn Blocker 2.0, an internet filter for parents and individuals. Block Porn Websites and Keep your computer clean and safe. What can you do with Aobo Porn Blocker? […]