Protect your PC with Filtering Software

Nowadays, people can hardly live without the Internet. Today the Internet is an immeasurable community of millions of interconnected servers and computers. The web servers may host some unsuitable websites which are not recommended to be visited by some specific people such as the violent videos, pornography and more, especially minors. There are also some malicious websites which may contain malicious software such as viruses and malware programs. These websites need to be blocked so that they do not harm the person browsing them or their computers. Choosing good filtering software becomes essential for everyone to protect your personal computers.

In order to protect your PC from being suffered by the unsuitable websites and malware program online, installing the filtering software for your PC is your best choice to solve all those problems. The best filtering software for PC helps people block any websites you want on the Internet, which is many parents or employers think of. Parents always worried that their young children may reach some harmful things which they should not access on the Internet. Employers often want to figure out if their employees are fooling around or working during working time on the computers, because browsing websites which are not related to work is the most common way that employees waste time on the job. Therefore, some certain websites should be blocked by the Internet filtering software as soon as possible to not only protect your computers but also benefit our family or business.

Aobo Porn Filter is useful filtering software for all PC users which is best used to block any unwanted websites on the PCs. It is also simple to use by adding the URLs of the websites that you don’t want to visit or the keywords which may be improper to view on the Internet to the black list of the software. Then the software will block all web pages that contain these URLs or the keywords from opening on your computer. And it blocks all web sites all in secret mode to completely hide itself in the background of the PC so that the users will think it is owing to server error instead of being blocked by the Internet filtering software. Besides, this filtering software also blocks any application from running on your PCs by adding the program of the application to the black list. So with the filtering software for PC, it will not let you access the malicious content on your computer.

In addition, it also allows people to record all websites that are visited on the computer after installing the filtering software. Parents or employers can know all websites visited on the computers and keep them in mind. If you find some websites which come into being on the computer are not appropriate for your children or employees to visit, you can take according actions as soon as you can protect them from dangerous things online.

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