Protect Marriages with Home Web Filter

It is not a new topic that many people apply home web filter to protect their marriages. And the main reason is that their relationships could be ruined by porn. A statistic shows that porn viewing or porn addiction has played an important part in the couple’s divorce. Since government seems to be unable to figure out a solution to decrease the increasing amount of pornography online and divorce, it is urgent that people use home web filter to protect their marriages. Some people may doubt that if a home web filter can keep our marriage safe or how does a home web filter protect us from divorce. Well, the following features of home web filter facilitate people to protect their marriages. Home web filter automatically blocks porn websites Many wives are horrified to learn that their husbands look at porn, it makes them feel hurt. At the same time, it makes them feel like that their husbands prefer porn to their true love. What else, divorce lawyers reported that Internet porn is now the main cause of divorce in America overwhelming financial trouble. Is it worth losing marriage due to watching pornography? Block it. Home web filter blocks porn sites by keywords, it checks and filters the porn in the website content including title, tags and body after customizations. In addition, home web filter blocks any sites people unwanted. With the home web filter, people can protect their relationships. Home web filter records websites visits It’s no different than drug addiction, people who are porn addictions usually have difficulty in giving up watching porn. For instance, he may like to flirt with other women on MSN or Facebook. However, this phenomenon is easily leading to quarrels between couples, and thus it ultimately results in marital problems. If people hope to give up the habit of addicting to porn, they can apply to home web filter to help themselves and give their wives the right to see their online history. The home web filter records website visits from IE, Google chrome and so on, so their wives can end suspicions and find out whether they are cheating or not, what’s more, their wives can check improper sites in the logs and then add the web urls to blacklist, and thus they can’t see these websites. And little by little, they can give up porn addiction. From the above description, we can conclude that home web filter provides a true Internet safety to people, and it facilitates people to stop porn from hurting their relationship. Besides, home web filter aids people to keep themselves away from pornography, and then they will have more time and energy to pay attention to maintain relationship. Undoubtedly, it is worthwhile to install a home web filter to protect marriage.

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