Parental Website Blocker – Conductor of Web Activity

Many of you may have the experience: whenever you ask your kids about something, most time your kids will reply perfunctorily, more importantly, whenever you tell them the things they shouldn’t do, they won’t follow your suggestions at all. Take the computer usage as the example, whenever you ask your kids to keep away from the violent games or some unhealthy websites, they just feel a little boredom but still won’t adopt your requirements. At this time, what you want to do is not talking with them repeatedly and endlessly but take some immediate actions to stop their improper behaviors directly. The parental website blocker can help you conduct your kids computer usage appropriately.

First and foremost, you are able to block the websites that you think are useless or even harmful by installing the internet filter. As long as you have put the useless websites to the blacklist, your kids can’t view the websites as smoothly as they used to be, meanwhile, it won’t affect the effective operation of the contents on the whitelist. What’s more, the parental website blocker has the ability to record all the websites history even in private mode, whenever you check the websites history and find out something inappropriate, you can add it to the blacklist immediately.

Apart from that, the parental website blocker allows you to block the violent games or applications from running as well. Once you have installed the parental control software, all the contents on the filtering list cannot work effectively. More importantly, as long as your kids can’t play the violent games as usual, several days later, their crazy to the violent games can be reduced dramatically. Furthermore, with the password protection, nobody has the access to unblock the blocked applications without passwords so as to protect your benefits as much as possible.

Additionally, the websites parental control can work in an invisible and undetectable way, that is to say, all the blocking behaviors are happening in a silent and secret mode without aware your kids’ attention to a large extent, which aims at minimizing the negative impacts of the relationships between your kids and you. Therefore, if your kids agree your suggestions outwardly and disagree inwardly, you still want to take some actions to conduct their online behaviors, then parental website blocker can be the best conductor for your kids.

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