Parental Control Software

The Internet can be an extremely valuable tool for children, especially for school-age children, however, along with a virtual world around unchecked strangers. This is why parental control software is used as a very important solution in this case. It comes with a lot of responsibility for parents to protect their children from any unsafe element in cyberspace. Luckily, technology is on their side with parental control software which is capable of monitoring and protecting children online.

Monitor kids with Parental Control Software

After installation, parental control software accurately records any typed keystroke of your kids, including accounts, passwords, and chats. As a result, you are able to obtain complete information about what your kids talk and what they do online.Parental control software records keystrokes pressed as well as websites visited by your children. You can easily know which website and when they browse. To prevent children from downloading obscene or malicious materials, parental control software can disable their access to the websites.Providing you with a complete visual history, periodic screenshots can be taken by parental control software at specified intervals.

Restrict kids with Parental Control Software

With parental control software, you can flag certain sites, and keep your children from accessing them. Better yet, parental control software is capable of blocking bad websites automatically without alerting them. Of course, you can also build lists of approved sites.Along with keeping children from visiting adult content, parental control software can also keep children from the games and messengers. If you add some certain applications to parental control software blocking list, kids will be kicked off using some certain applications. No more late-night Internet messaging and game.

Full Reports sent by Parental Control Software

By means of reports sending via parental control software, parents will know the true browsing habits and detailed online activities of kids.From now on, discover a parental control software solution for monitoring and protecting your children online.

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