Restrict Internet Access with Montoring Software for PC

When it comes to monitoring software for PC, the feature of recording is the uppermost idea in our mind. Do you ever think that there exists any monitoring software for PC which embraces not only the ability to record PC activities but also the function of filtering particular Internet access? Here you will find a definitive answer.

Micro Keylogger is a piece of PC monitoring software that provides you with both monitoring and blocking features. It is an invisible multi-functional keylogger for PC. After installation, you can bring the program out of its hidden state by using the customizable hotkey combination. Micro Keylogger automatically runs in the system background of your PC, it silently records almost everything and sends you the logs information by email/FTP. Focusing on Internet restriction, emphasis is usually placed on blocking websites and applications when we touch upon Internet access with monitoring software for PC.

  • Put limit on inappropriate websites visited
    With monitoring software for PC, you will get a chance to prevent unwanted websites from being visited. For example, your son may prefer to spend more time on the Internet rather than take part in real life. In this situation, the Internet seems more likely to be an obstacle, not a tool in the process of living and learning. To lessen his online time, you can use monitoring software for PC to put limitations on the frequently viewed sites on his PC. And the PC monitoring software makes it possible for you to simultaneously block multiple websites.
  • Prevent unwanted applications from running
    The Internet monitoring software for PC is not only a web filter but also a program blocker. It can be set up to block applications with simple steps. For instance, Many people of different age has been deeply addicted in the game World of Warcraft. They begin to spend much money buying items and gold for their game accounts and can’t help doing so. Thanks to the monitoring software PC, it helps them keep away from constantly sitting in front of computers and save time to focus on the important things instead of games.

As it has been mentioned above, while restricting access to the Internet, the monitoring software for PC keeps track of almost all activities like keystrokes typed, websites visited, screenshots captured and more. Besides, it continuously records and reports you the new update of what happens on the target PC for remote viewing. You have to admit that all these the PC monitoring can do will assist you to get better control of the Internet usage and restrict Internet access in the suitable way.

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