Monitoring PC Software Keeps Your Computer under Control

Whether you are a parent who is eager to find good monitoring PC software to watch your kids at home, or a manager who wants to install effective monitoring software for PC, or even a teacher who are looking for useful PC monitor to keep an eye on your students in the computer lessons, you’d better think twice which program is better for you before making a decision. There are countless reasons why you should pay more attention to the software you install on your PC. The most important one is that the potential danger exists for so-called free software you download from the Internet to monitor on your computer, so it is very important to choose good monitoring PC software for your computer.

The all-in-one PC monitoring software – Micro Keylogger, which is full-featured for all PC users, allows people to monitor and record all things happening on their computers, and block any unwanted websites or applications from running on it, which means that it can keep your computer under your control. It is the best and safest monitoring PC software for you to monitor what has been done on your computer. Since it has password protection to protect the software, others like hackers online cannot enter it easily. And it always works in a stealth monitoring mode, so your kids, employees or your students also can’t find that they are monitored all the time.

Besides, its well-designed features provide excellent and wonderful experience about PC monitoring. This monitoring software for PC offers to log all keystrokes even including all passwords which are typed on your computer, which helps you both record the passwords typed and backup all your passwords typed in websites and applications of your computer. All web activity will be recorded by the monitoring PC software in detail, such as what websites were visited, which application was used, what files were downloaded and more.

Just as importantly, the monitoring PC software allows you to block any improper websites such as pornography online from occurring on your computer. The URLs and keywords can be added to the Blacklist of the monitoring software, and then it will help you block all the websites you want secretly and automatically.

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