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Amac Spy Software for Mac OS X is the best mac keylogger, for all mac users who want to monitor their kids, family members and supervise employees. The software is an invisible spy software that is very easy to install, and uninstall if you want to stop using it, without any problems whatsoever. A three day trial is offered to new users who want to try it out before committing to the software. With the Amac Keylogger you’ll be able to record all Mac activity in company computers, to ensure your employees are following the company’s protocol, respecting confidentiality agreements, and are keeping company secrets. You can also stealthily issue parental control on your child’s computer to make sure they are safe on their internet use, and monitor your employees to free yourself from worrying every day.


Amac Spy Software for Mac OS X allows you to record keystrokes, passwords, chats and websites your children or employees are checking out on their Macs. It runs in an invisible mode, as soon as the user logs in, and starts to log websites and instant messages and send log reports by e-mail, take desktop screenshots and record passwords and keywords. Amac Spy Software for Mac OS X is compatible for 10.9.x Mavericks, 10.8.x Mountain Lion, 10.7.x Lion, 10.6.x Snow Leopard and 10.5.x Leopard. You can log on all user names and passwords in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or in e-mail accounts, Google, and other websites., and applications in iChats or games such as World of Warcraft. By using this mac keylogger, you’ll be able to record keystrokes, composed e-mails, instant messages sent by Skype, Adium, iChat, AIM, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, etc. Additionally, desktop screenshots will be taken by Amac Spy Software, the best keylogger for Mac, giving full pictures of what is going on with the user’s computer in short intervals of time. The user won’t be able to know that screenshots are being taken, just as well as they won’t be able to know that any information, keystrokes, passwords, etc., are being recorded. All is done silently and invisibly at all times. The software will also record history in web browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, URLs of websites, as well as time stamps. You can also figure out the location of your stolen mac, or even the location of your employees and family members when they’re using company or family computers, by tracking IP addresses and locations. And lastly, all of the recorded data is sent directly to your e-mail making the spy job easy as pie.


This mac keylogger allows you to monitor your staff and ensure the safety of your business. You can catch your employees wrongdoing from slacking off on company time to stealing or selling confidential information. In a world of corporate espionage, you can safeguard your products, ideas, sensitive information from potential corporate spies. It’s inappropriate for you to spy on what your spouses are doing. Amac spy software for Mac OS X users have been satisfied with the software, but they can not use it to catch cheating spouses logging onto dating sites, or contacting their lovers via e-mails or iChats. It ensures your children’s safety on the internet so they don’t run into harmful information and into dangerous encounters online. But you can also use the software to log your own mac activity, in case you forget passwords, or want to record lost information. In case your Mac gets stolen, you will be able to catch the thief and recover your Mac, once their activity as well as location is recorded and sent to you.

Best keylogger for Mac

Amac Spy Software for Mac OS X is the best keylogger for Mac you can purchase with its years of experience, expertise and research, making the software the best Mac spy software you can find. It allows you to spy on your children and employees stealthily, without alerting them, and remotely, by getting all the recorded data on your e-mail. You don’t need to be a computer genius to use this keylogger. All you need is to install the software and all the information you always wanted to know will fall on your lap. Amac Spy Software will restore your good night sleep, by catching lies and finding out the truth.

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