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In order to thank Micro Keylogger users around the world for all their support and recognition, we are now offering Micro Keylogger Free Version(Free of charge for ONE year) to all of you. Any suggestions about Micro Keylogger are welcomed.

For Blogger or Internet Columnist: If you are a technical/software blogger, journalist or Internet columnist, you can download Free-trial version of Micro Keylogger. Use it to your own computer and write a review of Micro Keylogger to get FREE license. The blogger must have PR >=3.

For Webmaster: If you have your own website (PR>=4 Required), the HTML code from the following boxes can be copied pasted to your website page source at your choice. Two links are required if your websites is only PR 4, and one link is enough if your website is PR>=5.

Text link code :
Button Code:
BB code:

    Notice: we require that a websites must demand the following terms:

  • Do contain any porn information, hacker, malware and other sites violating the laws.
  • Do not propagandize violence, terrorism, racism etc. or have a rude or improper content.
  • If your websites is a commercial site, we required that the websites must be high-quality, or the non-commercial site or blog will be better. Webmaster site and SEO them can be prioritized.
  • Please put the link of microkeylogger on the sites exactly as it is suggested in the above boxes. If the link is altered or redirected, it will not be approved.
  • A page with the link should not be an "orphan" page, which must be linked from other pages.
For people who have Facebook, Twitter, Google + Account: If you are not a blogger neither a webmaster, don’t worry, you will still able to get free keylogger license as long as you have your own Facebook, Twitter or Google + account. Post the reviews with microkeylogger website link to your Facebook/Google + and no less than 20 of your friends share the reviews with their friends. Or post tweeting with microkeylogger website link and no less than 20 of your followers retweet your post.
You are almost done!! Email us a short blurb with the link to your blog, website, or Facebook/Google + post and your friends who share your post , Tweeting and your followers who re-tweet your post. we’ll send you a license, FREE of charge.


  • Our company will check the link to you put on your site manually.
  • The direct, JavaScript, non-hidden, cloaked link are not accepted by us. And it must not be nofollow as well.
  • If one page contains several links, which count as one.
  • After you have submitted your request for free license, we will send you a confirmation email that will tell you if your request is accepted in 48 hours.
  • Our company reserves the right to decline your request for no explanation; you also have the right to remove the link to from your site for the reason.
  • Once your website is accepted, please make sure that the link to is available on the page, and the page can be searched and found by people on the search engines.
  • For better managing the link to, our staff will check it every now and then. We can disable your license without any notification if our staff find the link has already been removed or changed and pages are deleted (Detailed requirements are shown in above terms).

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