Micro Keylogger FAQs

Q: How do I start/stop the Monitoring?

A: Micro Keylogger will automatically start working once installed. To stop the monitoring: Click the switch button "Stop". To start the monitoring: Click the switch button again.

Q: Will the user detect Micro Keylogger after I install it on the computer?

A: No, Micro Keylogger works in stealth mode. It will not appear in the taskbar, process list, and the control panel ‘add/remove program files’ list. Only the people who installs it knows its existence. Some anti-virus and anti-spyware programs may detect Micro Keylogger as Spyware, you could add Micro Keylogger to Exclude/Ignore/Exceptions list to make it working.

Q: How can I configure Micro Keylogger to monitor all users?

A: Select to monitor all users on Micro Keylogger "Monitoring" panel, and then Micro Keylogger will monitor all the user accounts in your computer.

Q: What operating systems is Micro Keylogger compatible with?

A: Micro Keylogger works on Windows XP and Above.

Q: How can I reopen Micro Keylogger after I hide it?

A: Enter Hotkey Shift+Alt+M(Or the one you specified) to reopen Micro Keylogger. Or double click the Micro Keylogger icon in its installation folder to call it out again.

Q: Does Micro Keylogger record passwords?

A: Yes, Micro Keylogger records passwords. You can find them in the logs report.

Q: Does Micro Keylogger record Facebook/MSN/Yahoo chats?

A: Yes, Micro Keylogger records all typed keystrokes in Facebook/MSN/Yahoo chats.

Q: I forget my Micro Keylogger password, how can I get it back?

A: Once you lost your Micro Keylogger password, please click the "Sending password on email" link at the bottom of the password dialogue, check your email inbox and junkbox/spam folder for the password.

Q: I use the hotkey to access Micro Keylogger, but nothing happens?

A: Micro Keylogger is probably not running. Try to reinstall Micro Keylogger to see if it is working. Or contact the support team for help: http://www.microkeylogger.com/support

Q:Should I uninstall the trial version before installing the full version?

A:No, please just register the keylogger with your registration License code and the trial version will be turned to full version.

Q:My anti-spyware programs pick up and try to disable Micro Keylogger, help!

A:Please add Micro Keylogger to the antivirus program exclusion list following the guide. This will allow Micro Keylogger and your anti-virus/anti-spyware software to work together.

Q:Why does not Micro Keylogger record keystrokes on my computer? What’s the problem?

A:Micro Keylogger is tested working smoothly on any Windows computer. And here are the main reasons why Micro Keylogger fails to record keystrokes on your computer. 1. If you find there are no logs in Micro Keylogger, please go and check your configuration firstly following the points below:

  • Make sure the Monitoring Engine is ON. Micro Keylogger only works with the monitoring engine being started. Once you STOP it, the keylogger will be out of service on your computer.
  • Check the options of activities you want to monitor. Websites Visited, Applications Used, Files Downloaded, Keystroke Typed. Micro Keylogger will record the activities as long as you have checked them.
  • Check user accounts you want to monitor. Micro Keylogger will track the users as long as you have checked them.Specifying the time rang is always being ignored while people read logs in Micro Keylogger, which could be the second factor leading to you get no logs. You will easily get the logs provided you choose the time rang corresponding to when the key logging started and ended.

Miro Keylogger is tested as virus/spyware safe and 100% clean keylogger by SoftPedia and McAfee Secure lab. But still some antivirus programs may mistakenly add Micro Keylogger software to their virus signature databases and stop the keylogger from working. If there is any antivirus software installed on your computer, please follow this guide when you install Micro Keylogger. If you renovate all of above and cannot get the logs yet, please contact Micro Keylogger for tech support.

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