Tips to Make Aobo Mac Spy Software More Secure

Notice: This guide is Out of Date. Aobo Keylogger for Mac 3.8 and above will hide itself after installation!!

In order to keep kids safe online, many parents install Aobo Mac Spy Software to monitor their kids’ activities. However, most of them are worried about the Mac spy software may be deactivated by their kids someday. Because children are more and more smart and even most of them are tech savvy. Once they realize they are monitored, they will uninstall or remove the Mac keylogger.

But you can choose the trustworthy Aobo Mac Spy Software, which can hide itself well when monitoring. Children can hardly detect it, because there are some safe and rigorous measures in it.

The major safe measures to stop keylogger from being detected:

  • After correct installation and setup, Aobo Mac Spy Software will work automatically and secretly without kids’ knowing. Moreover, during running time, no pop-ups and prompts will show up.
  • Only an odd combined key can bring up the Aobo Mac Spy Software. You can set it and keep it secret.
  • Aobo Mac Spy Software offers password protection. Only parents have the password to enter the keylogger interface.

Tips to keep Aobo Mac Spy Software safe:

  • Alter the default hot key to an odd and complicated one.
  • Change spy software password and hot key periodically.
  • Keep administrator privileges private and set guest accounts for your kids.

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