Make Aobo Mac Spy Software More Stealthy

Notice: This guide is out of date! Aobo Mac Spy Software v3.4 and above will hide itself after installation.

As we all know, Aobo Mac Spy Software Pro can completely run in undetectable and invisible mode, but many Mac users wonder how to make keylogger stealthier when it works on their Mac. Actually, it is quite easy.

Steps to make your Spy Software far more secret:

  1. According to the instruction in "ReadMe", install subpart of the Spy Software Pro version first.
  2. Then copy the Spy Software main program to the suggested folder in "ReadMe" and double click to run it.
  3. If necessary, you can build a secret folder for the main program.
  4. Clear all the keylogger trace on the Mac, such as deleting the keylogger folder from"Download" and clearing the"Trash" thoroughly.

Steps to make Spy Software much more secure:

  1. Use default hotkey to bring up the Spy Software interface and then check "Run keylogger every time your Mac starts" in "General" menu, which ensures that your keylogger will start to work as long as the Mac is launched.
  2. Set a complicated password in "Set Password" and click the "Apply Password" to take it into effect.
  3. Please keep your admin and keylogger passwords secret.
  4. No matter when you change the settings, please click"Hide and go"!

With the above steps, keylogger can not only run in a undetected mode, but also work much more secure.

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