Stop Using Mac Spy Software to Catch Cheating Spouse

Due to all the new and easy ways of communicating with one another on the internet, cheating on the computer, especially your kids or employees cheating, is becoming more and more common now days. They can communicate with their lovers through dating websites, social sites, back and forth emails, and the numerous chat rooms online.

Mac Spy Software is an awesome tool for you to catch cheating your kids or employees, which tracks the footprints, captures love affairs and provides the documented evidence that you need to catch your cheating partner. But it is illegal to use Mac spy software to monitor anyone that you didn’t have the right to spy, or you will be accused. You can use it for parental control and employee monitoring.

Outstanding features of Mac Spy Software for parental control and employee monitoring:

Log web history in Safari and Firefox – Let you know whether your kids or employees visited on the Internet.

Record both-side chats in MSN, Skype, Adium, iChat and AIM – Let you know who your your kids or employees is talking to and what they are talking about.

Capture desktop screenshots of Mac – Let you know whether your partner video chatted and what applications your kids or employees opened and used.

Send logs to you via Email/FTP – Let you remotely review his/her activity logs on any other devices that supports emails.

Mac Spy Software is like another pair of eyes.With the help of it, you can record everything that your kids or employees does online.

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