Keylogger Freeware VS. Shareware

Keylogger Freeware VS. Shareware, which one would you choose if you want to keep an eye on your children’s online activities or monitor employee’s computer activities? People are always asking if there is free keylogger available. Of course there are abundant free keyloggers in the web market. Beyond doubt, lots of people will select keylogger freeware for the sake of saving money. As keylogger experts, however, we strongly recommend that you not use free keyloggers as they are not safe to use. We’ve made a comparison between keylogger freeware and shareware on the following aspects:

Features of Keylogger Freeware VS. Shareware

Practically speaking, features are the core consideration of selecting keylogger software for the reason of achiving keystroke logging effectively. Commercial keylogger or shareware provides the features below:

  • Record Passwords typed in browsers, applications
  • Record all keystrokes typed by users
  • Record websites visited, applications used, Files downloaded
  • Capture desktop screenshots
  • Work in Stealth and undetectable mode

On the contrary, some keylogger freeware programs are even not compatible with the computer system like Windows 9, let alone performing well. Free keyloggers are always limited in features which have problems of password recording, website browsing activities recording, screenshots capturing. What’s worse, free keyloggers cannot run in stealth mode but popping up, it is easy to be found. Besides, some free keyloggers even cannot work in stable mode.

Keylogger Security

It’s a fact that hackers may take advantage of free keyloggers by embedding virus, spyware or Trojans. After installed, the free keylogger will steal user’s privacy information which may give rise to pecuniary loss. Being tested and certified by third party, commercial keyloggers or shareware programs are clean and security protected.

Keylogger after Service

Commercial keyloggers guarantee the quality after service given to customers, such as email, ticket, online support and toll-free call. Users can get their problems solved in time. However, it’s barely for free keylogger provider to offer after service due to the cost issue. If you want overall and secure monitoring feature, shareware programs definitely meets all your requirements.

When you have no idea which keylogger to select, take the comparisons of keylogger freeware VS. shareware mentioned above into account. In conclusion, free keylogger is limited in features without no security protection or quality service. If you need keylogger software to help you to monitor kids, supervise employee computers, secure and professional commercial keylogger is worth commendatory.

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