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As the name implies, keylogger free trial which is a free source logs the keystrokes entered on a specific computer system. But a keylogger free trial does not end there, it can also track the websites visited, the program accessed, chats in instant messengers, and searches completed on Internet.

As to the hidden surveillance feature, a keylogger free trial becomes an essential tool to uncover the signs of infidelity that lurk within your home computer. In simple words, a perfect Keylogger free trial can keep a record of almost everything done by your partner with his/her knowing. If you do a search for keylogger free trial to monitor your cheating spouse, you will soon discover there are many options out there available to you. Unfortunately some of keyloggers online will be less than favorable or even include malware. Then what makes a perfect Keylogger free trial?

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Keylogger free trial runs in complete stealth mode

A Perfect Keylogger free trial stays invisibly after configuration. Other users on the computer won’t detect the Keylogger free trial if you sweep the downloaded files after installation.

Keylogger free trial is able to record typed passwords

Passwords can be an important part of the monitoring. A Perfect Keylogger free trial will capture typed passwords, in asterisk format or invisible, on the computer.

Keylogger free trial keeps the log of visited websites

Web history can reveal the user’s behaviors on the windows system to a large extent. A Perfect Keylogger free trial does log website history in popular web browsers.

Keylogger free trial sends out logs for remote checking

When you have no access to the target windows computer, you can rely on the Keylogger free trial to check all the logs remotely with Emails or other online accounts.

Installing Keylogger free trial is very easy. For obvious reasons, you need to install the Keylogger software when your spouse is not around. Micro Keylogger free trial provides you with a secretive hotkey and login that only you will know. Your spouse knows nothing about that the keylogging software has been installed and they will have no idea that everything they type is being recorded.

Maybe you have noticed that your spouse’s abnormal performances or he/her has been spending an excessive amount of time on your home computer lately. Each time you drop by to see what they are doing, you are treated as an over-sensitive spouse. This makes you urgently wonder what they are up to – even the worries on infidelity enter your thoughts. However, it will be the time for you to apply a Keylogger free trial. Nail your partner with infidelity while the information that keylogger gathered alone might be good enough.

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