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As tiny computer spy tools, keyloggers are applied more and more common for people in their daily Internet life. According to the news that a Temple Ambler student was hoping to improve his academic record, but he ended up with a criminal record by using keylogger free download instead.Kim who was the protagonist of this story, a student at Temple University’s Ambler campus, used a keylogger free download to record computer keystrokes made by his professors, and then he learned how to access the Temple University computer system and bump up his grades.Kim accessed the system with the help of a keylogger and improved his record during the spring 2011 semester and upgraded himself to an A minus. But his professors soon caught on when they went to log in to the system to put in the real grades. Some of them noticed on there the wrong grade had already been typed in. Then they started an investigation and traced the IP address to see who had done it, and it led them to the defendant, Kim. He pleaded guilty to a charge of record tampering on Feb. 7th and received a two-year probation, a $300 fine and 48 hours community service. While Kim was hoping to prevent himself from failing out of school, his actions of using a keylogger free download have gotten him kicked out.This is one of the representative but negative examples of applying keylogger free download. keylogger free download is just a piece of monitoring program which has the ability to record keystrokes and passwords, log chat conversations and visited websites, some of  them even capture screenshots. Then how can it make people in jail? It depends on how people use it. Instead of being used for illegal, actually, keylogger free download plays a vital role in parental control, employee monitoring as well as personal computer monitoring. While business managers would like to keep an eye on the work status of their employees during office hours, a keylogger free download is primarily valuable in the workplaces. keylogger free download may assist the companies to follow the activities of their employees, so that business managers can take important steps against any illegitimate activity before it becomes a threat to the company. keylogger free download is also helpful for parents to track their kids’ activity on the home computer and guard their kids from the online predators. Apart from that it’s also possible to use keylogger free download to monitor your spouse’s activities if you have any doubt that he or she is having an affair.The technology makes our life easier and much more joyful today. However, this depends on how we take advantage of it. Just like the keylogger software free download, it helps us, as well as it destroys people.Free Trail Micro Keyloggerpurchase Micro keylogger

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