Another Keylogger for Mac Scams You Need to Know

Scams never stop. Days ago we have a discussion about Keylogger for Mac Scams, and this time Aobo Software will continue to disclose some Mac Keylogger scams which are going about the world.

1. Keyloggers for Mac that can be remotely installed by clicking a link/sending an email.
No such kind of Keylogger for Mac at present and the truth is that Macs cannot execute things automatically – this means no programs will work remotely by links/emails on Macs. You need to physically be at the Mac to double click the program to install it. This is the only way to execute the program.

2. Keyloggers for Mac that record keystrokes typed before installation.
A  Keylogger for Mac will not log keystrokes tapped before the keylogger installation. Mac and other computers don’t save key presses by default, so anything that is typed before the keylogger installation won’t be recorded.

3. Keyloggers for Mac that can record admin account password.
A lot of Mac users ask about Keyloggers for Mac that run before account login and records admin password, which is made the approach of online scams. Actually, Keyloggers for Mac, and almost all programs, cannot run before the loading of the user account.

Dishonest businessmen use tricks to profit. All of these  features of Keyloggers for Mac are unavailable at current time. Taking a trial before you purchase will reduce the risk of being scammed.

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