Keylogger for iMac Is Ready for You

Apple introduced its new product – iMac, which creates an all-new design and adopts the most advanced technology ever. With the release of the new iMac, we’d like to assure all Aobo consumers that our top-ranked monitoring software for Mac OS X – keylogger for iMac works in sync with this upgrade to ensure your online security.

Since the new iMac has a more beautiful wide-screen display and many high-performance technologies, more people love to use it to surf the Internet such as watching the movies, viewing web pages and more. With all of these such wonderful experience, this innovative product – iMac caught on very quickly. Besides, attention should also be paid on its online security, which is also extremely important as well. In order to ensure the safe and ease online environment, the keylogger for iMac is now provided for all iMac users to use it to protect the online security on your new iMac.

The keylogger for iMac helps you monitor and watch your new iMac while on the job. Sometimes, misusing your iMac may lead to very big security hidden danger. For example, downloading frequently online may infect your iMac and this virus also steals your data from your computers, so you should get attention about these situations by using a safe and valuable keylogger for iMac on your new iMac.

Amac Keylogger is the best keylogger for iMac that is highly recommended nowadays for iMac users to allow them to keep all under their own control. It has been well featured and is ready for all iMac users, now let’s check out what this iMac keylogger can do for you in the following:

  • Log Keystrokes
    All keystrokes that are typed on the keyboard will be recorded and kept a list to tell you what has been done on your iMac clearly.
    All passwords which are typed as hidden characters also can be logged as a list of keystrokes to inform you of all things happening on your iMac.
  • Log Websites
    All websites that are visited on Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome will be logged automatically.
    Keep a list of URLs of all visited websites visited on your iMac, including the date and time when they are visited.
  • Log IM chats
    All both-side chat IM chat messages that are conducted in MSN, Skype, AIM, Adium will be recorded as soon as possible.
    The names of the senders or receivers also can be recorded in detail.
  • Capture Screenshots
    Periodically capture screenshots of your iMac desktop to give you a more visual image of what users do on the iMac.
    The interval of how often the screenshots are taken can be optional according what you want.
  • Track IP address
    The IP address along with the recorded logs will be sent to the preset email box.
    By using the IP address, you may easily find your iMac if it is stolen or lost by accident.
  • Learn More …

Only after you have worked out what has happened to your iMac with the keylogger for iMac, can you start to deal with the different problems at hand occurring on your iMac.

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