Keep your children safe online with Aobo Filter for PC

Our children have grown up in the Internet age. Almost Everything they have done including studying, learning, recreational activities and entertainment, getting information and gaining knowledge about the world, keeping in contact with teachers and friends, is all done online. There are great benefits from this, as we can see that our children have become smarter every day. As wonderful as the online world is, it can also be very harmful for your children. The problem is that we cannot monitor them 24/7 by staying around with them. However, we can still provide safety for them without even trying too hard, just using Internet parental control software. We need to protect them from harms they are not capable of understanding. They are too innocent to know potential risk. Every parent should protect their children’s online activity by installing the best internet parental control software.

Aobo Filter for PC is such Internet parental control software that filters porn websites automatically and blocks all unwanted games and applications, so that our children can surf the Internet safely. Parental control software can also be used by business executives, small business owners who want to filter out porn sites, games, social media and keep their employees focused on the job.

Aobo Filter for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP 32&64bit PC, provides such parental control by its filtering and logging features. This Internet parental control software doesn’t need a computer genius as it is very easy to use. It is password protected as well as undetectable. It operates stealthily so that your children don’t feel their privacy is being violated. It tracks web history even in private browsing mode and detects blocked websites and triggered keywords

Aobo Filter for PC Internet parental control offers license types for 1 or 3 computers, free lifetime support and first-year free upgrade. The product can initially be downloaded for free to test whether it is the right thing for you. Apart from your children’s safety, Aobo Filter gives you a secure download, as it is tested to be clean of spyware, viruses or adware by Softpedia and McAfee. It offers secure purchase with Plimus.

Every parent needs to keep their children safe while they’re navigating the endless encyclopedia online. By downloading a PC parental control program, your children can use their computers without facing potential porn sites, or other dangerous websites and applications. Even applications such as MSN, Facebook, and Skype can be blocked if your children are too young to know how to stay safe in social media. Apart from pornographic material, parental control software such as Aobo Filter keeps the kids safe from other adult games and applications online. Internet parental control software keeps your children safe while exploring the world online.

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