Invisible Computer Monitoring Software Regulates Computer Usage

The rule of the economic development tells the public, where there is a demand, there is a market. Parents who are more likely to master their kids computer activities desire the internet monitoring software, meanwhile, the employers who are willing to restrict their employees’ online behaviors appeal for the employee monitoring software, under such demanding circumstance, the computer monitoring spy exists. But many of yours don’t want to attract your kids or your employees’ attention, then the invisible computer monitoring software appears. The belows are the main functions of the software.

First and foremost, the main function of the invisible computer monitoring software is to record all the activities happened on the users’ computer, such as the games your kids like to play recently, the websites your employees prefer to visit during the working time. All the websites and applications used on the computer can be logged by it invisibly and stealthily and report to you directly. What’s more, you needn’t check the logs at the users’ computers, you are allowed to choose either the email address or the FTP space as the place for your checking. Once you made your decision, you can login the account you created and view the logs at anytime anywhere whenever the internet is available.

Moreover, the invisible computer monitoring software is the all-in-one monitoring software so that you can take some actions to block the terrible websites or applications from running as well. That is to say, what you can do is not only to read the logs stored on your email box or FTP space but also to take some counter actions. For example, you can filter the unsuitable contents on the websites for your kids whenever you find something improper, you can also block the unrelated applications from running for your employees as long as you detects, you can put the keywords or the URLs of the websites to the blocked list, which is really the most practical software for you.

Furthermore, with the password protection, even though the users are aware of the existence of the invisible computer monitoring software, they cannot install or uninstall the software without entering the password so as to ensure your benefits. In this way, the ownership of the monitoring software can only be you rather than anybody else, which will be your excellent monitoring partner.

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