Install Mac Keylogger To A Right Folder

After installing the mac keylogger to your computer, have you ever encountered this problem: you can’t find its logs? There must be something wrong with your folder. Install keylogger for mac to a right folder to avoid privilege problem.

Pay attention: This tip is only for Aobo Mac Keylogger v3.3 or older, which needs to be installed manually. For the latest version, the keylogger will install itself automatically to a valid secret folder.

If Mac keylogger is installed to an arbitrary folder instead of the folder -"ReadMe" we suggest, it may come across problems of log and email. For instance, when you click "View the Logs" in General tab, nothing shows up. That’s because it has something to do with your access privileges to folder. Lack of permissions will also lead to the problem of no log email.

How to solve the problem of access privilege?

  1. Open the interface of the keylogger by hotkey.
  2. Uncheck "Run keylogger every time your mac starts".
  3. Reboot your Mac.
  4. Copy the main program of Aobo Mac Keylogger into the folder we suggested or some other folder you have full privilege such as ~/Library/Preferences.
  5. Double click the program to run it.
  6. Bring up the keylogger by hotkey and set it up.

Note: After that you may need to reboot your Mac. If you want to test it, please be sure you have typed more than 100 keystrokes.

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