How to Use Parental Control on the Internet

Most parents will agree that raising a teenager is probably the toughest thing they ever did in their life. From hormonal changes or fights with their friends it seems like every day is a new battle. Add to this all the dangers that come with constant internet access teens have these days, and you’ll see that life is very hard for them, especially if the parents aren’t there to guide and protect them. These are the years when they are most vulnerable so leaving them without parental control on the internet could be very dangerous. This is why computer monitoring software like Aobo Filter for PC is very important to keep your children safe.

Dangers they face without children monitoring tools

Communicating through social networks is the new trend with today’s teenagers, and as beneficial as that can be for their social life, without good children monitoring tools this could expose your kids to very dangerous people. Also, with so much inappropriate websites easily available to all, your kids can access violent or adult content with just a few clicks unless you use computer monitoring software like Aobo Filter for PC.

Latest studies on teenagers’ behavior have shown some rather scary facts that all parents should consider before letting their children have internet access without computer monitoring software. These studies have shown that:

  • More than 45% of sexual predators are active online and often use profiles on adult websites to stalk their victims. Over 35% of their victims are teenagers
  • 15% of teenage girls have used dating and adult sites to send explicit photos to their online friends. Compare to this around 30% of boys have used internet for sending explicit messages.
  • For more than half of teenagers that are active online, it’s perfectly all right to communicate with strangers.

This is the world your children spend most of their free time in, and unless you get involved and talk to them about the importance of responsible behavior or start monitoring internet activities they practice, they can get in real danger. With other studies showing that more than 35% of teens are accessing violent content online, more than 33% are watching pornography and that in over 65% of these cases teens had no parental control on the internet, it’s becoming clear that online access without computer monitoring software can lead to serious consequences.

How can monitoring internet activities help?

Parents have responsibility to protect their children in both real and cyber world. Besides talking to them about the dangers they can face and the importance of responsible behavior, you also need to get involved in your children’s online activities.

The most popular measures responsible parents use to keep their children safe from dangerous or inappropriate internet content are computer monitoring software solutions like Aobo Filter for PC.

As much as you trust your kids, using software for parental control on the internet is essential in making sure they will act responsibly even when you’re not around. Thanks to new technologies, state of the art software solutions like Aobo Filter for PC are easily available and affordable.

With it you can always feel safe because you’ll easily block all the websites you find inappropriate, or social networks that can put your kids in touch with dangerous people.

Aobo Filter for PC is one of the best children monitoring tools that can automatically block adult sites, and let you to completely rely on its blocker to keep your children away from inappropriate online content. In addition to its automatic blocking tools, you can improve your parental control on the internet by recording your children’s internet activities and manually adding URLs you wish to block.

This great computer monitoring software also lets you block violent games and applications, or even web browsers, so you can prevent your children from web surfing while you’re not at home.

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