How to Make Aobo Mac Keylogger More Stealthy

Here we are offering you a guide about how to make Aobo Mac Keylogger Pro more invisible on your Mac device. Follow the steps below, your keylogger will become more secret and secure.

  • Open the "ReadMe" file and read it carefully, double click the keylogger executable file, follow the guide to install the keylogger for Mac. The keylogger will stay invisible automatically after installation.
  • Rename the keylogger executable file to a common file name which may not cause any suspicion.
  • After successfully install the keylogger, you have two choices:
    1. Hidden all the keylogger download files. Move the keylogger executable and ReadMe" files to a secret folder you built. Tips about creating a secret folder in Mac:
    2. Delete all the keyloggers you download to your Mac, then clear it in the "Trash" manually. In this case, no clue of the keylogger can be found.

As to the keylogger security problem, we are also giving you several tips:

  • Make sure you have checked "Run keylogger every time your Mac starts", you could find this option in "General" tab.
  • Please enter the hotkey every time when you want to open the keylogger.
  • Set a password for the keylogger and do not forget it. Then no one can open the keylogger without your password.
  • Click "Hide and go!"after you have a checking or setting change for the keylogger.

Once you complete the steps above, the keylogger for Mac on your computer will work on the background with a 100% stealth mode. None of the Mac users can find or detect the keylogger for Mac.

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