How to Make Aobo Keylogger for Mac Safer

Many of the Aobo Keylogger for Mac users may have the same apprehensive mood that if their kids can disable the Mac Keylogger. Kids today are smart, talent and some of them are even computer genius. Once detected being monitored, they would take any kind of means, cheating the keylogger, changing the settings, removing the program to disable monitoring.

However, you can rely on Aobo Keylogger for Mac to prevent your kids from keylogger deactivating due to the rigorous security measures in it, which makes it difficult to encroach on.

  • Aobo Keylogger for Mac provides parents with password protection. The password is required for accessing the keylogger interface. Parents have password are the only operators.
  • Aobo Keylogger for Mac runs in automatically and stealthily after the installation. There is neither popups nor prompts when it is working on your Mac.
  • Aobo Keylogger for Mac can only be brought up by a hotkey that you set for it. As long as you keep it secret, your kids can hardly get into the keylogger.
Tips to make Aobo Keylogger for Mac safer:
  • Set up guest accounts for your children and keep administrator privileges private.
  • Check password protection and define a complicate password for your keylogger.
  • Change keylogger hotkey and password timely.
  • Change the default hotkey to a different and unique one.

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