How to Keep the Trace of Your Staff on Social Network

Social network such as Facebook has been increasingly popular nowadays. It has also been a center where dozens of tactless staff give away important data about their work to their competitors. Therefore, it is essential to keep the trace of individuals on social network in order to protect company’s interests.

You will find various ways to keep track of individuals on social network. As far as I am concerned, the simplest way is to add employees as buddies. It is a smart method of checking exactly what workers are doing on social network via disguising as their friends to chat with them.

Another straightforward way to monitor employees’ use of social network is to make use of employee monitoring software. For Mac OS X, the best employee monitoring software is Aobo keylogger for Mac. This program has the ability to monitor staff on a large scale, and sends you the detailed report about your employees’ activities on social network. Do they complain their salary is too low? Do they intend to change their jobs? Do they let out company’s confidential information to others? Everything will be under your nose with this employee monitoring software.

Individuals can also use this Mac keylogger to monitor activities performed on a specific Mac computer. It can send you the report about websites visited, chat logs, screenshots and even passwords. However, make sure that the computer which you want to monitor belongs to you before using this Mac spy software.

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