How Do You Know About Parental Control?

Parental control software is an efficient tool for parents to protect and restrict their kids while they are surfing the Internet. With parental control software, parents can monitor children’s activities and limit their time that can be spent on their device.

Keystroke logger is one type of parental control software used to record all the activities performed on devices ranging from PC and Mac to mobile phone. For Mac users, Aobo Mac Keylogger is an awesome monitoring tool. It is full of useful features, including basic features (recording keystrokes and logging websites history) and advanced features (taking desktop screenshots, recording online chats, sending Email and uploading FTP).

Aobo Porn Filter is another popular type of parental control software that can block the dangerous websites and applications, especially the porn webs. Porn filter permits you to block the unwanted websites or URLs ahead. Thus your kids have no access to the harmful contents. According to the pre-compiled website ratings in the database, you can choose some suspicious websites and block them. This is a good way to decide which websites should be blocked, because you cannot possibly know all the harmful websites by hand. The filter can also be used to restrict kids to play games on the Internet. Owing to its recording feature, parents can figure out what websites their kids have visited and know where their interests lie.

Additional Suggestions on parental control:

  • Tell them not to divulge their name or address to any strange people online.
  • Try to talk with your kids about their interests online. And tell them what can be done or cannot.
  • Configure your computer in the living room where you can frequently watch them.

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